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Blacks Whiskey is the result of the passion and dedication of Sam and Maudeline Black, the founders of Blacks Brewery & Distillery, located in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland.

blacks of Kinsale

Standing proud on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Blacks, Ireland’s first co-located Brewery & Distillery.

Blacks Whiskey is the result of the passion and dedication of Sam and Maudeline Black, the founders of Blacks Brewery & Distillery, located in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Their journey started in 2013 when they decided to turn their home brewing hobby into a business, producing high-quality craft beers that quickly gained popularity.

In 2015, they expanded their operation to include a state-of-the-art distillery, where they began producing boutique spirits, including gin, rum, and whiskey.

As a result, they became Ireland's first co-located brewery and distillery, and one of the few producers of artisan whiskey in the country.

Blacks Irish Whiskey is a testament to the founders' commitment to producing unique and flavorful products. The whiskey is made entirely from start to finish in Ireland, with the best locally sourced ingredients and traditional production methods.

The distillery has two copper stills, which allow for a slower distillation process and better control over the flavour and aroma of the whiskey.

Blacks is a local artisan whiskey producer that values quality, sustainability, and community.

Blacks are proud to be part of Ireland's Origin Green sustainability program and have implemented a range of sustainability initiatives in their production process.

They have replaced single-use plastic kegs, reduced energy consumption, improved their resource efficiency rating, reduced water consumption, and reduced landfill waste and also support social sustainability through partnerships with local groups and charities.

Blacks is a local artisan whiskey producer that values quality, sustainability, and community. Their passion for producing unique and flavorful products, combined with their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and traditional production methods, makes Blacks Whiskey a true treasure of the Irish whiskey industry.

Blacks of Kinsale: The Distillery

The story of the Blacks of Kinsale Distillery began in 2015 when they expanded their operations and became Ireland's first co-located brewery and distillery.

Initially, the distillery produced small batch runs of Irish Poitin, a traditional Irish moonshine. However, they soon shifted their focus to gin, with Maudeline, one of their distillers, spending countless hours perfecting the bold, flavoursome Irish Gin.

As time went by, the distillery wanted to produce whiskey, but it was too young to do so on-site. Instead, they sourced aged whiskey and finished it in their distillery, adding their unique twist to the finished product. But it was rum that really captured the heart of Sam, one of the co-founders.

In 2018, they launched their Spiced Rum, followed by their award-winning Golden Rum, making them the first Irish distillery to produce rum from start to finish on the island.

In 2020, the distillery invested further in whiskey production, purchasing two copper pot stills, Bonny and Morrigan. Crafted by experts in Italy, these stills traveled over 2000 km to take pride of place in Kinsale. Bonny, the larger of the two stills, has a capacity of 2800L, while Morrigan can hold up to 1600L.

Commitment to quality and innovation

Currently, the brewery carries out a daily double shift brew to create a high-quality wash with an 8% ABV for the distillation process.

The wash is created using the team's expertise in world-class brewing, honed over the years while creating their award-winning range of craft beers.

Once the wash is ready, it's back over to the distillery for Bonny and Morrigan to work their magic.

At present, the distillery produces 21 bourbon-sized barrels (225L) of whiskey per week.

The Blacks of Kinsale Distillery's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the wide range of spirits they produce.

From their small-batch Irish Poitin to their award-winning Golden Rum, they are continuously pushing boundaries and making their mark in the Irish distilling industry.

Introducing Blacks Whiskey to Austria

Blacks Triple Threat

Three Cask Blend 40%

Ronan becomes Authorized Distributor for Blacks Whiskey in Austria

Ronan had always been passionate about whiskey and had been on the lookout for exciting new products to add to his collection. So, when he stumbled upon Blacks Irish Whiskey, he was immediately drawn in by the amazing products and the story of the distillery.

Blacks is an artisan whiskey producer located in Kinsale, Ireland, that is known for its unique and high-quality spirits. Ronan was particularly impressed by the distillery's commitment to producing small-batch, handcrafted whiskey that stood out in a market dominated by large-scale producers.

Ronan introduces Blacks Whiskey to Austria

After sampling Blacks' range of whiskeys, Ronan was convinced that he had found something truly special. He was inspired by the distillery's dedication to producing whiskey that was both authentic and innovative and was thrilled to be able to bring these products to Austria.

In 2023 Ronan took his partnership with Blacks a step further and became an authorised distributor for Blacks Irish Whiskey in Austria. He is delighted to be able to share the Blacks selection with his fellow Austria's whiskey enthusiasts and is proud to be associated with a company that valued craftsmanship, quality, and tradition.

Ronan adds Blacks Whiskey to Charlie P's drinks Menu

Fuelled by renewed inspiration and passion upon completing the Certificate in Irish Whiskey from the Edinburgh Whiskey Academy during the summer, Ronan got busy expanding his whiskey collection, taking advantage of his collaborating with the amazing Irish whiskey producers Blacks in Kinsale.

With his new whiskey importing venture up and running, As well as making the Blacks selection available wholesale in Austria, Ronan was also able to stock up the already abundant whiskey cabinet at Charlie Ps with a selection of the finest from Blacks Distillery.

Charlie P's regulars and newcomers alike are in for a true Irish whiskey treat; Blacks Triple Threat Irish Whiskey is something like you've never tasted in an Irish Whiskey!

Blacks Whiskey's Mission

To recap, Blacks Whiskeys are crafted by Blacks Distillery, an independent and innovative distillery located in Kinsale, Ireland.

Blacks has quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality Irish Whiskey that is loved by whiskey enthusiasts all over the world.

They are a family-run business founded by the dynamic duo of Sam and Maudeline Black in 2013.

In 2015, they expanded and added a state-of-the-art distillery, where they produce a range of boutique spirits, including Gin, Rum, and Whiskey.

Their mission is to break away from the monotony of the mass market by crafting whiskey with passion and personality.

It was during this expansion that the incredible Blacks Whiskeys were born.

Introducing Blacks Collection to Austria

The Blacks Whiskey collection is a highly anticipated release that showcases the distillery's exceptional craftsmanship and innovative approach to whiskey making.

It includes a selection of five unique whiskeys that are sure to impress even the most discerning whiskey drinkers. Each whiskey in the range is carefully crafted to offer a distinct flavour profile and aroma, making this release an exciting addition to the Austrian whiskey market.

As an unexpected insider treat, we have also added Blacks Irish Gin. This unique small-batch gin has a clean and complex taste with a balanced finish. It can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks with a slice of pink grapefruit to complement its fresh citrus notes.

We are excited to introduce the core selection to you below.

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Ronan Smith

Authorised Distributor

Blacks Whiskey in Austria

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Inquiries

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Black OPS

0.7L 43%

Black OPS is comprised of a careful blend of malt and grain whiskey. This blend was matured in extra deep charred bourbon oak barrels for an extra smooth, extra dark black whiskey. In keeping with our proven whiskey technique this blend is also non chill filtered and was bottled at 43%"

On first inspection the nose reveals a layer of sweet malt followed by toffee, prunes and vanilla. Its complex second layer of aromas may catch you by surprise as hints of hay, oak, smoke and eucalyptus charm your senses.

This is a medium bodied whiskey with initial hints of sweetness followed by nut and savoury notes.

You will be left with a lengthy finish of lingering herbal notes in addition to light spice and floral flavours.

Black OPS


sweet malt and toffee notes followed by a surprising combination of prunes, vanilla, hay, oak, smoke, and eucalyptus scents.


Medium-bodied with hints of sweetness, followed by nutty and savoury notes with a combination of herbal spice


herbal notes, complemented by light spice and floral flavors, leaving a pleasant and lingering taste on the palate.

Black Smoke

Heavy Peated

0.7L 43%

A powerful Irish Whiskey bursting with rich peaty smoke and sweet oak. With a long lingering finish this distinctive Irish Whiskey is not for the faint-hearted. Pull the pin on this smoke grenade and toss it back!

The nose is a symphony of flavors, with smoky peatiness balanced by the delicate sweetness of heather flowers. Hints of honey and oak dance in the background, tantalizing the senses and beckoning you to take a sip.

On the palate, the whiskey is silky smooth, with a toffee-crisp sweetness that immediately delights the taste buds. As you continue to savor, more complex aromas emerge, including notes of malt and stoned fruit. The full-bodied peat becomes more intense, enveloping the senses in a rich and decadent experience.

The finish is where this whiskey truly shines. The golden honey notes give way to a deep, intense peat that coats the mouth and palate, leaving a long-lasting impression that lingers well after the last sip.

Black Smoke


Smokey peatiness balanced by heather floralness with hints of honey and oak.


Silky smooth with a toffee crisp like sweetness, followed by more complex aromas of malt and stoned fruit giving way to the intensifying full-bodied peat


A long-lasting finish with golden honey notes and deep peat coating across the mouth and palate.

Blacks Triple Threat Three Cask Blend 40%

Introducing the latest addition to Blacks: The Triple Threat - a blend of Irish Whiskey aged in three distinct casks, including bourbon, sherry, and virgin American oak.

This exceptional blend features a harmonious fusion of flavours, including hints of vanilla, toasted wood, and honey-like sweetness, showcasing the best aspects of each cask.

On the nose, the Triple Threat offers a complex bouquet of summer fruits intertwined with the alluring scent of fresh cinnamon buns. The palate presents an initial burst of spice, which quickly gives way to the smooth, balanced notes of caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla.

The finish is medium in length, with lingering hints of dried fruit and caramelized sugar, ultimately concluding with a satisfying oak spice finish. Don't miss out on the exciting new release of the Triple Threat - a triple cask all-star. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Inquiries

For information about wholesale drop a message to Ronan here

By clicking Contact Ronan I agree to the privacy policy and am happy to receive emails from highspiritsaustria.at

Blacks Triple Threat


Complex summer fruits cross paths with fresh cinnamon buns to greet the nose.


Initially spicy but quickly mellowed by notes of caramel, butterscotch and vanilla.


Medium length as lingering hints of dry fruit and caramelized sugar continue with an oak spice finish.

8-Year-Old Single Grain - Ace of Haze IPA Cask Finish 0.7L 43%

When an 8-year-old single grain Irish Whiskey encounters our casks of triple hopped Hazy IPA, you’re all in with a straight up full house of flavour in your hand! Limited edition - HAZY IPA CASK FINISH 

The nose is dominated by citrus notes, with a strong aroma of pink grapefruit, lime, pomelo, and lemon sherbet. The citrus notes are complemented by a hint of hops from the IPA cask, making for a unique and intriguing aroma.

On the palate, the whiskey has a medium body with a creamy texture. The flavours are a blend of lemon grass, bell peppers, orange peel, and sweet notes of melon. The citrus and sweet notes are well-balanced and enhanced by the hints of hops and wood. The finish is medium in length with a light spicy touch, which is a perfect complement to the complex flavours of the whiskey.

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Inquiries

For information about wholesale drop a message to Ronan here

By clicking Contact Ronan I agree to the privacy policy and am happy to receive emails from highspiritsaustria.at

*Limited Availability

Blacks Ace of Haze


Citrus dominates with aroma of pink grapefruit,lime,pomelo and lemon sherbet


Medium body with a creamy texture and flavours of lemon grass, bell peppers, orange peel and sweet notes of melon.


Medium length with a light spicy touch and hints of wood

8 Year Old Single Malt - Rocketship IPA Cask Finish 0.7L 43%

A truly unique whiskey that's out of this world! Aged in our Rocketship Double IPA seasoned casks to give a wonderful zesty kick of Galaxy Hops to this 8-year-old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Pop the cork and strap yourself in for lift-off

The nose is a burst of orchard fruits, with sweet baked apple and pear skin notes. As you delve further into the aroma, you'll notice stoned fruit notes and hints of rosewater, making for a truly celestial experience.

On the palate, the whiskey has a light and zesty mouthfeel that screams all things Galaxy Hops. As the initial hoppy notes subside, you'll experience delayed notes of caramel, liquorice, and cloves. The blend of flavours is well-balanced, making for a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience. The finish is medium in length and offers notes of walnuts, malt, dark chocolate, and butterscotch, leaving a lingering and satisfying taste in your mouth.

Rocketship IPA


An explosion of orchard fruits bring sweet baked apple and pear skin notes to the nose of this whiskey. Further stoned fruit notes and hints of rosewater follow soon after.


A light zesty mouthfeel screaming all things Galaxy Hops moves aside to introduce delayed notes of caramel, liqorice and cloves.


A medium finish with notes of walnuts, malt, dark chocolate and butterscotch.

Black Citrus Smash Irish Gin 0.7L 42%

Blacks Citrus Smash Irish Gin is a modern gin that boasts a unique blend of thirteen botanicals, including freshly cut citrus peels, hand-cracked juniper berries, and Irish heather flowers picked locally along the Wild Atlantic Way.

The inclusion of orris and angelica roots gives the gin an earthy body that complements the citrus and spice notes, resulting in a clean, crisp, and complex taste. This gin is perfect for sipping on its own or mixed into cocktails, making it a versatile addition to any bar.

For a classic G&T, we recommend the Blacks method. Simply pour one-part Blacks Irish Gin over ice and mix with three parts premium tonic. Garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit to bring out the citrus notes in the gin.

The result is a refreshing and aromatic taste adventure that will leave your taste buds dancing.

Whatever your preferred serve, enjoy it with care and love, just as we did when crafting this exceptional gin.

Blacks Irish Gin

In summary, Blacks Citrus Smash Irish Gin is a versatile and unique gin that features locally sourced botanicals and carefully selected ingredients.

With a clean and crisp taste, it is perfect for sipping or mixing into cocktails. The Blacks method, with its recommended ratio of gin to tonic and garnish, is a classic way to enjoy this exceptional gin.

Whether you're a gin enthusiast or a cocktail lover, Blacks Irish Gin is sure to impress.

Price List


Midleton Very Rare 'Vintage Release 2023' €285 (limited quantity)

Clonakilty Irish Whiskey 'Port Cask Finish' €52

Dingle 'SAMHAIN' Single Malt Irish Whiskey €90

All prices incl. MwSt.

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